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Hal Haines

Is an Illustrator, Ceramicist,

Photographer and Designer

Hal is an interdisciplinary artist interested in ceramics, painting and illustrating onto upcycled furniture and textiles. He lived in Scotland for three years to pursue a BA in Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art, where he graduated in 2019. He now lives and works in East Sussex along the Kent county border. His work is playful and usually narrative-driven.


"I grew up in Kent, the “Garden of England”, as a closeted and internally homophobic teenager. As an increasingly comfortable and confident adult, I like to explore feelings of claustrophobia and shame from my youth while making work which celebrates my queerness and the natural beauty of the world around me. I documented seasonal changes on a local flower farm in a photo series titled “Orchard Farm”, which became a set of four ceramic platters with the same title for London-based concept store Couverture. Floral motifs remain a central theme to my work. For Paul Smith I created a series of platters and lampshades depicting far-flung, lesser-known fairytales. Often thought of as children’s stories despite their Grimm origins, I chose to reimagine them, exploring the subtext within the works while consciously rejecting the morbid tone in favour of something lighthearted and contemporary. I am inspired by organic, interdisciplinary artists like Guidette Carbonell and folk artists like Maud Lewis and Maria Prymachenko."


Hal’s photography practice has taken him around the world capturing people and places, with a keen interest in visual storytelling. This has influenced his illustrative approach to surface decoration and the themes he explores within his ceramic pieces. 


Inspired by the V&A ceramics gallery, Sicilian antique shops and his Grandma Ann’s Sunday lunch tableware,  Hal juxtaposes classical silhouettes with contemporary subject matters and decorative techniques. His work references film, history and the natural environment.

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